KKIC postponed; New conference date: August 31-September 1, 2012

KKIC postponed; New conference date: August 31-September 1, 2012.

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Kritika Kultura: “Traveling Texts: Translation and Globalization”

“Traveling Texts: Translation and Globalization”
August 10-11, 2012

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Spirit Day 10/20


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… is the word that I’ve been thinking for a while. Maybe it is simillar with James Joyce’s Araby,where the boy got his realization in the end.

I am hoping to get one soon, hopefully as a birthday gift. Crossroads is where I am. Hmmm… It sounds exagerated, but I am afraid of wasting time. It seems like my options has became limited because it seems that it was time’s out for those things. It’s weird that I have put myself into that mold.

My fault, too.

I remembered what Meg Cabot wrote in Princess Diaries. Mia felt as if she is in a rabbit hole seeing the world move, the sky change, while you watch inside the rabbit hole alone.

I feel that I need to expand my horizons, meet new people and learn new things. I hope The epiphany will appear soon.

I just keep in mind what Jo-ji said to Yukari in ParaKiss, “if you don’t believe in your talent and don’t start anything, nothing will happen. ”

Hope, I can make it.

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I like….

1) Food and Food Culture
2) Learning languages
3) Reading Books
4) Watching documentaries
5) Fashion
6) Photography
7) Animals
8) Manga
9) Cartoons
10) Music
11) Tech stuff
12) Imagining things
13) Creating stories and ideas inside my mind
14) To Laugh
15) Walking on a rainy day
16) Video Games
17) Pop Culture
18) Sub-popculture
19) Philosophy
20) Riding a bicycle and roam around
21) History
…what else……

22) To sing
23) watch broadway
24) to dance
25) to cook

That’s it, for now.

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I’d like to post a short introduction about myself:

I am Ren and I love to read books, drink caffeine, listen to music and play the piano. I am not a good writer, but I’m trying to be one.  Please feel free to comment or suggest things about my posts. ^^

My favorite authors are: Murakami Haruki ( He RT-ed me! *fangirls*), Yoshimoto Banana, Neil Gaiman, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lisa Kleypas etc.

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