… is the word that I’ve been thinking for a while. Maybe it is simillar with James Joyce’s Araby,where the boy got his realization in the end.

I am hoping to get one soon, hopefully as a birthday gift. Crossroads is where I am. Hmmm… It sounds exagerated, but I am afraid of wasting time. It seems like my options has became limited because it seems that it was time’s out for those things. It’s weird that I have put myself into that mold.

My fault, too.

I remembered what Meg Cabot wrote in Princess Diaries. Mia felt as if she is in a rabbit hole seeing the world move, the sky change, while you watch inside the rabbit hole alone.

I feel that I need to expand my horizons, meet new people and learn new things. I hope The epiphany will appear soon.

I just keep in mind what Jo-ji said to Yukari in ParaKiss, “if you don’t believe in your talent and don’t start anything, nothing will happen. ”

Hope, I can make it.


About Ren

I love to read. My imagination is better than my writing. This is my doodle blog.
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